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DJ Goldfingers & DJ Graffiti – G-Squared

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“G SQUARED” – A ground breaking mixTAPE, made in 1998, at the last point in time before MP3’s flooded mainstream culture. A gem dug up from the archives and made available to the masses when once only 30 copies were available on 60min cassete. I actually did have a first generation 2x CD burner, but blank CDs were expensive back then, didn’t play in many CD players and it would have taken 30 minutes to burn each copy! For the first time 2005 presents the digitally remasted “G Squared” mixtape, created from the original source files and made available for the first time on CD! And with a track listing that reads like a who’s who of Hiphop veterans, this is definitely one of the best (and probably the most sonically diverse) Hiphop mixtapes I’ve ever been a part of.


DJ Goldfingers and DJ Graffiti – G-Squared

  1. Intro
  2. G2 – On The Cut
  3. Gang Star – You Know My Steez Rmx ft. Lady Of Rage & Kurupt
  4. Rah Sun feat. Big Pun & Deuce – I’ll Be Around
  5. G2 – Skillz ’98 Style
  6. Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Gmx)
  7. Killarmy – The Shoot Out
  8. DMX – How’s It Goin’ Down?
  9. Chris Rock – Commercial Break
  10. Nore – Hed ft. Nature
  11. Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full rmx
  12. DJ Quik – Tonight
  13. Black Sheep – The Choice is Yours
  14. Michael Jackson – Rock With You
  15. Prince – When Doves Cry
  16. Slick Rick – Hey Young World
  17. Slick Rick – We’re Fresh ft. JD
  18. Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way
  19. Tupac – I Get Around
  20. Remedy – Never Again
  21. Biggie – Real Niggas Do Real Things
  22. G-squared on the Mic
  23. Outkast – Skew it on the Bar-B ft. Raekwon
  24. Black Eyed Peas – Joints and Jams
  25. G2 – Hiphop Megamix
  26. Shout Outs
  27. Bonus: The Roots – Don’t See Us

(c) 1998

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